About us

Our Values

Specialists for over 25 years in the creation of international corporate identities, Racine & Associates is ready to put its creative force entirely at your disposal in order to successfully complete your communication projects. From design to project management, Capital Image and Global Communication Program concepts have been mastered by each one of our team members. We are able to efficiently orchestrate all aspects of the development of your image, form a simple reworking to its complete development. We take every aspect of every project to heart and ensure its success.

After all, we succeed when you succeed.

Capital Image

No matter what business you are in, product or service you offer, your organization is unique and has an identity upon which it can capitalize. We call this identity the company’s Capital Image.

Clearly defined, the Capital Image is based on the organization’s mission, vision and values. Through its image, a company is reflected in the market as a value added. The Capital Image should be applied to all Global Communication Program (GCP) tools in order to establish an enduring, consistent image and message. It is through their capital images that the successful companies make their mark and build their reputation.

Global Communication

The Global Communication Program’s main purpose as an investment is to promote the company’s Capital Image in all the communication tools identified as being strategic and effective. The GCP helps to establish effective communication management.

Management Team

Patrice Racine

President, Art Director

Patrice is the founder of Racine & Associés. He has been an entrepreneur in the field of communications and graphic design for over 30 years. His extensive experience led him to work for world-class companies who needed to market innovative products or services. His initiatives and strategies in communications or design have earned him several international awards: the Phénix, ARC, LACP Vision, JQ and Gutenberg awards.


  • Prix Phénix de l’environnement
  • ARC Award
  • Vision Award (LACP)
  • JQ Award
  • Prix Gutemberg
  • Prix Tamarack

Some of our work: